• "As one who spent much of my life going in the wrong direction, I can relate to the story of Samson—more than I wish I did! But thankfully I can also relate to the latter part of his life, when he found God’s forgiveness and a renewed vision for his life. This is a compelling saga that’s captured magnificently in this powerful new film, SAMSON."

    Lee Strobel Author of The Case for Christ and The Case for Grace
  • “Fast-paced action, a bit of romance, and a colorful Bible character with supernatural strength all combine for some great entertainment—as well as a catalyst for spiritual conversations. Put the SAMSON movie on your list for date night, and bring the couple next door!”

    Brad Mitchell President, Build Your Marriage
  • “I watched SAMSON with my older kids, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The writers introduce some creative storytelling while staying faithful to the Biblical account. It’s about time someone brought one of the best Biblical stories to the big screen!”

    Sean McDowell Ph.D., Biola University Professor, Speaker, Author
  • "Capturing the essence of this Biblical account, SAMSON is a movie that will stir and challenge you to constantly give your all to God.”

    Frank S. Page Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • “I’ve seen the movie SAMSON. You’re going to want to see it as well. Take your son! Take your brother! Take a friend! Take your men’s group!”

    Mike Young Founder and Executive Director, Noble Warriors
  • “Nothing inspires us more than comeback stories. That’s the story of SAMSON, and it can become our story as well. This movie is for every man and woman who wants to come back and finish strong!”

    Rev. Samuel Rodriguez President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
  • “I have read the story of Samson many times in my Bible reading, but it has never come to life like it did while watching this movie! SAMSON’s story is a powerful reminder of God’s redemptive purposes. He is always at work, choosing people to empower to bring freedom and hope to His people.”

    Matt Brown Evangelist, Author, Founder of Think Eternity
  • “SAMSON is an epic movie. The film is done in such a remarkable way, that even though the story happened thousands of years ago, it speaks to the fears many of us face today.”

    Andy Peterson Mountain Lion Attack Survivor, Author and Founder of Lion King Ministries
  • “Powerful! This is history’s best-known story of faith and fitness, dramatically told.”

    Brad Bloom Publisher, Faith and Fitness Magazine
  • “A fun film! I hope it gets lots of viewers thinking about God and His ways.”

    Rusty Wright Freelance Writer and Reviewer
  • “God did not abandon Samson. God offered grace, redemption, and a fresh chance to fulfill his purpose. This is a great film for anyone needing inspiration to finish their own mission!”

    Rev. Tony Suarez Executive Vice President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
  • “SAMSON is an action-packed movie, and a heart-gripping story of the first epic hero. The craziest part is that it is a true story!”

    Jason Powell Teaching Pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship
  • “SAMSON is an incredible cinematographic depiction of a Biblical character come to life! This movie is a must-see for everyone who ever thought God couldn’t turn your mess into a message!!!”

    Rev. Adam Durso Executive Director, LEAD.NYC, NYC Mayor’s Clergy Advisory Council
  • “As a period piece, Samson may be Pure Flix’s most ambitious project to date. In the end, SAMSON is a parable about love and redemption, but it’s also a warning about what it means to misunderstand the power of the Almighty God.”

    Jacob Sahms Christian Cinema
  • “The film really brings the story of Samson to life. It really is a gripping Biblical epic.”

    Richard Smith The Christian Film Review
  • “SAMSON is a solid retelling of one of the best of the Biblical tales of heroism showing how God places the treasures of His Spirit in the clay jars of our very frail humanity.”

    Mark Shea Catholic author